Program Options



be mindful and move!

can incorporate yoga and/or Pilates and/or qigong



together everyone achieves movement and fitness!

can incorporate functional movement, boxing for fitness, circuit and high intensity interval training, and a walking group



de-stress your mind, body & spirit

can incorporate mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and stress management techniques



Investment Options

Option 1: Employer Funded

  • 1 x Trial Session @ $500
  • 5 Week Term @ $350 per session
  • 10 Week Term @ $300 per session
  • 1 x Weekly Session @ $250
  • 2 x Weekly Sessions @ $200 per session

NB: Employers can subsidise sessions for employees at their own discretion

Option 2: Staff Funded

  • 1 x Trial Session @ $30 per person
  • 10 Week Term @ $100 per person (minimum of 10 participants)
  • 5 Weeks @ $75 per person (to be used within 10 Week Term only)
  • Casual Session @ $20 per person


Sessions are typically 45 minutes and can be conducted at lunchtime, before, during or after work.


As a mobile business, Mindful Body & Spirit delivers wellness directly to you. Sessions can be held in your office, staff room, lunch room, or any other available or appropriate space. Sessions can also be held outdoors, onsite or at a nearby park.


To ensure peace of mind for you and your organisation, Paulie is fully covered by Guild Insurance for Professional Indemnity ($5 million) and Public Idemnity ($10 million).