Workplace Wellness Testimonials

“In a busy work day, Paulie’s yoga or Pilates sessions not only challenge you physically but place you in a calm, relaxed state for the rest of day ahead.

As a middled-aged guy, I find the yoga sessions great for improving my flexibility, while Pilates is more for strength/muscle tone (all of which I desperately need).

Paulie tailors his classes to the group’s capabilities but always runs his classes with a sense of serenity. I find that there is a great combination of exercise and stretching, and the stretch always seems to be the right stretch for the exercise just completed.

Paulie is a great instructor who is obviously interested in your wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.”

-Neale Rees, Senior Manager, ASG, Southbank.

“Paulie has been a wonderful teacher for our team. He is always smiling and listening to feedback from our group. He is always looking to change it up to keep our classes fresh, make them more or less challenging, and deepen the mind body and soul connection. Paulie caters for all, from beginners to experienced, and everyone in our team has felt comfortable and welcome.

From a business perspective, Paulie is very easy to work with, professional and always punctual. I can highly recommend Mindful Body & Spirit for you and your organisation.”

-Greg Ireland, Team Leader, Telstra

Group Classs Testimonials

“I love the classes that Paulie teaches, he is a fantastic teacher who always keeps the classes interesting, fun and challenging. Paulie is very professional and knowledgeable and his instructions are always easy and clear to follow. I leave every class feeling happy, refreshed and stronger in my mind and body. Thanks Paulie!”

-Belinda Rovetto

“Pilates with Paulie is my weekly workout. Paulie is dedicated and extremely focussed. He merges professionality and fun, with attention to both the individual and the group. Paulie’s classes are down to earth, and adaptable to all levels and abilities. Highly recommended!”

– Giampietro, Community Classes at SPAN

“I really enjoy my sessions with Paulie. He knows how to tailor to your needs and has a great balance between his mindfulness and movement approach. Highly recommend him!”

-Bianca Shepherd

“Over the past few years, Paulie’s classes have aided in improving both my mental and physical health. His classes always have variety and are suited to all abilities. I always leave relaxed and with a smile on my face.”

-Renee Daniele