Ivanhoe Grammar staff during their weekly Friday morning Mindful Movement session
Ivanhoe Grammar staff during their weekly Mindful Movement session before school

Mindful Body & Spirit can deliver a range of School Programs for staff and students alike. A qualified secondary teacher, Paulie has run sessions for staff and students at Ivanhoe Grammar, Scotch College, St. Michael’s Grammar, and Collingwood College.

School Programs can be designed to help staff and students become more mindful, get active, and learn stress-management techniques that they can incorporate into their everyday life. Sessions can be held before, during or after school hours, and you can choose from a range of options to suit the needs of your staff and students. Whilst one-off sessions can be helpful, term or year long programs are the most beneficial for all.

In general, staff programs are based on the existing Mindful Body & Spirit Workplace Wellness Programs, while student programs can be tailored to suit the needs of your students.

To discuss implementing a wellness program at your school, please contact Paulie.